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We will expect what happens when Japan fell into low birth many death here.

It has been taken a lot up in news or a book that Japan was low birthrate and aging society.However, in late years do you know that Japan is shifting to the low birth many death society which moved from low birthrate and aging more?

It's thought little, that the situation of "few fortune numerous death" with a lot of senior citizens who die of the life expectancy comes to the child being born with progress of the declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people in recent years in Japan.

ChangeofJapan's populationpyramid
"Why now, reform's the need?" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) quoted from "change in Japan's population pyramid."

This graph predicted the change of the population pyramid from 1990 through 2060.

It is predicted that population 75 years or older continues increasing from 5,970,000 people of 1990 with 23,360,000 people in 2060.
1990年 2060年
75歳以上 597万人 2,336万人
5% 27%
65~74歳 892万人 1,128万人
7% 13%
7,590万人 4,105万人
61% 47%
19歳以下 3,249万人 1,104万人
26% 13%

And it is population to 64 years old to decrease instead. The 20~64 year-old population in its prime greatly decreases with 41,050,000 people from 75,900,000 people of 1990 in 2060.
The elderly person in 2,060 years 65 years or older is estimated at 40% of the whole.

When the birth rates less still increase to a scary thing, the population is almost reduced to half in next 50 years.


With a decrease in population of Japan, it is estimated that the labor force greatly decreases.

Please look at the graph below. According to the "Labor Force Survey" by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, as shown in the bar chart of in the remains of the current situation where labor force participation does not proceed at all of the women and the elderly, the labor force population in '60 37.95 million people and now than 42% it is expected to decrease.

If, birth rate has recovered to 2.07, and women working in Sweden par, even as the elderly worked five years longer than currently, in 2060 called to decrease to about 55 million people (far right of the bar graph )

Estimates of labor force
Source:「For the labor force population and the future of economic growth」(" Growth and development " Supplement March 12, 2014)(Cabinet Office)( processing them cite
(Note) 1. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "Labour Force Survey", the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Employment Policy Study Group, "the labor force supply and demand estimates" (2014), National Institute of Population and Social Security Research "Japan's future estimated population (January 2012 estimate ) ", statistics Sweden" Labor survey "based on those that have been created. "Shannyn Research median estimate case", the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research (Shannyn Labs.) Is multiplied by the labor force participation rate in 2060 of sex and age population was estimated.

The work force that the population of the youth decreases to steadily decreases…Can you in this way imagine it what kind of thing happens?What will happen to Japan?


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