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We explain the problem of poverty of a child generated in the world here.

According to the report which the World Bank announced in 2013, there are 1,200 million people in the state of "the abject poverty" to live on ※ 1.25 dollars (approximately 150 yen) for all day long in the world,and it seems to occupy approximately a one-fifth of the world population.

Specifically,more than a one-third of the most poor people of the world is concentrating at Africa south of the Sahara in particular.

(※The World Bank revised an international poverty datum line to 1.90 dollars from 1.25 dollars a day from price fluctuation in October, 2015.)

It is said the poverty state that is in condition not to be able to run minimum life as a human being in the concept that has begun to be used in the World Bank.For example low income, malnutrition,unhealthy and including the lack of the education,that point to the state is far from human life.

■The percentage of the person who lives on 1.25 dollars a day
Source:JICA[DATA BOOK 2010]" Japanand developing countriesinterdependenceSurvey"(より引用
[authorship UNICEF "the world child white paper, 2009"]

As of2005, the people ofsub-SaharanAfrica and theleast developed countries, one inabout twopeople, are forced1 personliving below thethe "poverty line" infour peoplein developing countriesamI.

■The present conditions of the poverty

The poor population in the whole developing country influences the economic development of Asia and decreases in 20.6% from 47% of 1990 in 2010.

However, in subSahara Desert Africa, about half of the population is still in poverty state.In addition,increase in population to fall to poverty is concerned about by the influence of a remarkable rise and the financial crisis of the recent food price.

■A trap of becoming it poverty

It becomes difficult to continue traditional living means by natural disaster or the environmental disruption, and there are the weak people who are easy to fall to poverty.Each influences a disease and unemployment, lower education, the problem such as the social discrimination.

It becomes difficult to get rid of poverty once when I fall into the vicious circle.
This is called "becoming it poverty is called a trap", and become the big problem when work on poverty reduction.

To leave poverty and weakness is said that it becomes the factor to let I let you promote the expansion of the difference of the poverty and wealth and the struggle of life resources and destabilize society.The chain of the poverty happens in the world.


■Cause to fall into poverty

1.Influence by the policy of the country By repeated civil wars and the politics that decayed, the government fails, and about the country which was not able to play its part as the original nation, there are a failed nation, the country which are called the failure nation.

They cause various crimes without a country functioning because there is not the power that a nation controls a country enough.Then it becomes difficult to live life that the people were satisfied.

2.Historical system of the country There is the country where the system at the time of the colony still is strongly left as development original aftereffects independently in the countries which were a cover colony before.

There are still the countries where the farmer who does not have land cannot steal out of a poverty state because landlordism is left.

3. Exhaustion of resources In countries said to be developing countries, there is the country which is endowed with resources and the land such as oil or the diamond. In addition, there is the country which I cannot but rely on for import because countries troubled by serious desertification and sterile land occupy the country without being able to be self-sufficient in the food by the agriculture.

There is the exception, but the country which is not blessed with resources is in a disadvantageous situation economically necessarily.

4.Fight of people Religion, a race, a race with various ways of thinking exist in the world.In addition, there are a lot of countries where plural religion, a race, a race coexist in one country.

Therefore a fight happens between things different in the way of thinking, and land becomes the burnt field by the fight, and the people that there is many it cannot find safe life.In addition, the government and the internal disturbance between the nations cause the poverty, too.


The cause is not necessarily one and is difficult because plural problems may be connected with each other and are different by every country.
The needy ratio in Cote d'Ivoire was 42.7%, and, by the social economic military confusion that continued more than 20 years, a national rule function and economic power decreased. And social uneasiness and the expansion of poverty, the difference become still more serious.[Photo: JICA photolibrary / freedownload version(]

In addition, there is the country to be seen as in late years having got away from abject poverty by having accomplished economic growth, but the relative poor will be born in birth, the next, and a difference of the poverty and wealth thereby cannot readily get away from the poverty.

Lacking clothes and footwear without food without a house, and it is not natural naturally we think with the poverty of the absolute child who is in a state that it is difficult to maintain minimum survival as a human being, and to live a life.
The establishment of a minimum system necessary to live life that it is natural for securing of safe water and nutritious food, us including the maintenance of basic education environment becomes the problem.

Then we will think about a problem of the maintenance of education environment found next in an impoverished country.


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