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About this site Viewpoint of the site Activity guide Site map Introduction of our selves List of References

We explain how to lead these sites, a viewpoint.
We do various laborers to have you watch a difficult problem of "the poverty of the child" with interest happily in this site.

We and you take a bus with everybody on "the tour to learn", and learn about " The current state of Japan" "Let's watch the world"
"Future forecast map" .the poor problem of the child in order of "a future forecast map".So we learn about the issue of poverty of the child.

We prepare that we learn with the review of having learned while taking the break in parking area in an interval next and support it so that your understanding deepens more.
We make use of arriving at the summit meeting place next, and having learned with a member and investigate the solution of the poor problem of the child and make charter "last in the" child future and suggest a solution.
For those whowant to advancein a moreunderstandingthe contents of thesite, itoffers a "look back sheet". Please useall means!
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PleaseTurningto the nextpage by clickingthe "NEXT · Next" at the bottom of the page. Yellowsoundingportions of theside menuon the left sideandis whereis presentnow. In addition, youcan alsomovetoeach itemfrom the top menuat the top.

Because everybody is plain, and you see it happily, the notable contents place it with an outstanding icon as a corner. Please look for a lower icon!
"What is ○○?"
…We explain a difficult language and offer deep knowledge by you.
"The SOS which has not reached"
…We introduce the case that happened for the poverty of the child.
"Encouraging information"
…We send information to want you to know it by all means introduced by a newspaper or news.
"Our opinion"
…We introduce the opinion of our member. Develop your opinion; think that is helped.
…We visualize the notable point including a figure and the list clearly suddenly at first sight. Please put mouse pointer!
"Here is a problem!"
…We pick particularly notable problems and point and introduce me in detail.


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