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We introduce the member who made this site.
We read many books from a state knowing nothing at all about the issue of poverty of the child and gather information on the Internet, and we try it hard, and a site makes it.
"The issue of poverty of the child" comes to be taken a lot up in a newspaper and the news, and it becomes our encouragement.I asked each member an impression and the place that had a hard time!

 HARU…Article making, intelligence
I hung time in making an article to know the poverty of the child to more people, and to have you think while I collected much information, for example, how do you make the sentence that you can think about with everybody whether the reliability of which article is high.In addition, I played each role in four people and matched power and made a page.Let's think with us about the coming future in Japan!

 NANA…Article making, intelligence
I made much of whether it is easy to understand the information that you obtained how, and do you tell to have a reader think about a poor problem seriously in article making.Thereby myself came to be thereby interested, too.
I think that people not to know measures or the influence by the poverty are often found even if I know, "there is the issue of poverty in Japan".An each person's change is necessary for a social change.
If you look at our site as for me and can have a thought for oneself even a little, I am glad.

 RIKA…Illustration character making, supervision
You heard that it was poor, and how did you think?I thought that I not be fated to at the start. However, while learn with much information, in fact, their noticed that was near.
I tried the making of pleasant illustration hard brightly to have you be interested in everybody about the issue of poverty through this site.

 YUMI…Page making, material making (leader)
Because there were many contents that the document of "the issue of poverty of the child" was difficult, it was serious to make an article plain in plain words with oneself.I made a graph and a list, a figure of image, and the thing which it was hard to image did it only by words and devised it.
I want to make the whole site in a bright atmosphere happily with a feeling to want to light the future in Japan!


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