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We introduce the utilization method of this site.
Through learning the issue of poverty of the child in this site, and thinking, we wrestle for a solution to the problem from various angles in the situation of us of the junior and senior high school students including the social problem to be concerned with in Japanese present conditions and Japan and a relation with the world, the poverty problem of the developing country, the future.
Not only you get merely knowledge, but also, with one's thought, want you to challenge the action that there is not of experiencing it too much in the usual times including thinking about thing, oneself to send it to should do what, or what it is possible for by all means.

Utilization method
Let's learn the issue of poverty of the child!

We learn the present conditions and problems of Japan, a social problem about future in Japan, a world poverty problem and a relation with Japan. "The issue of poverty of the child" understands that it is the big social problem that Japan has not a personal problem.

After having got knowledge, you will think about how how do you like it, you want to have it.

I think about the issue of of the child poverty and a relation with oneself, and, please settle one's opinion. And, please imagine that you announce it at a summit.

Let's send it if we compile one's opinion!

Please tell your opinion to us from the "questionnaire" page. In addition, please talk with people of the circumference about a solution to the problem because you prepare a worksheet.

Come on, let's run.

You are a representative of the children. Let's exert to resolve child poverty! Even from small things, it is important to run
Do a lot of takes in the knowledge, let's put together your own opinion to think.
I'm sure you will be able to outgoing with confidence.
Now, as one of you also of children representative, let's together with our aim to solve child poverty!


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